The most exciting developments for gaming was the production of the PlayStation The beginning of what would grow the issued PlayStation date after to 1986 with a joint enterprise between Nintendo and Sony.Nintendo had then produced floppy disk technology to complement cartridges, in the model of the Family Workstation Disk System, and wanted to maintain this similar storage strategy for the Super Famicom. Nintendo proposed a new idea to Sony with them, develop a CD-ROM add-on, provisionally named the “Play Station” or “SNES-CD”.A contract was engaged, and work began. Nintendo’s selection of Sony was due to a previous dealing: Ken Kutaragi, the character who would later be called “The Father of the PlayStation.” He was the man who had contracted Nintendo on doing the Sony SPC-700 processor for control as the eight-channel ADPCM music set in the Super Famicom/SNES console into a compelling demonstration of the processor’s capabilities. Kutaragi was almost fired by Sony since he was formerly working with Nintendo on the side without Sony’s awareness (while still employed by Sony). During this time phones hadn’t even come to a mobile form yet so repairing cellular phones wasn’t even a thing but technology was still developing.┬áIt was then-CEO, Norio Ohga, who realized the essential in Kutaragi’s chip, and in serving with Nintendo on the project. Ohga retained Kutaragi on at Sony, and it was not till Nintendo canceled the project that Sony decided to develop its own console. Sony also prepared to produce a Super NES-compatible, Sony-branded console, but one which would be added to a home entertainment system operating both Super NES cartridges and a new CD format which Sony would design. This also happened to be the format used in SNES-CDs, giving a large measure of control to Sony notwithstanding Nintendo’s leading position in the video gaming market. Some of the most exciting games created for this console still going today were made for this simple device. My personal favorite gaming series were the final fantasy, kingdom hearts, and metal gear solid that gave players new perspectives on RPGs/ Free movement first person shooters. Not to mention the first selection of games like medal of honor and call of duty started on the PS2, with the major support of these games today we can see the importance of this beginning series of awesome product.